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We help refugees bordering Europe

Co-ordination with Save The Children provided refugees in crisis an important opportunity to Play, which is a Human Right.

Sam Holdsworth

Refugees seeking asylum need crisis relief

Co-ordinating with Save The Children, Clowns Without Borders went on tour to refugee camps and asylum centres across Serbia bringing children and young people Psychosocial First Aid.

Refugees have made their way here from conflict-stricken countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Pakistan. — Jack Haydon, Save The Children

Save The Children contacted us to help bring relief to the refugees. Many are stranded in Serbia because applications for Hungarian asylum are granted very slowly – at a rate of only 10 a day. This is compunded with the hundreds of thousands of people taking the Balkans route arriving in terrible conditions in Belgrade, the Serbian capital.

The importance of Play as a Human Right

Photographer Sarah Hickson, joined Clowns Without Borders to document our work.

For children in precarious environments, the opportunity to laugh and play is a welcome break from the harsh reality they face each day…
It restores their rights simply to be children. — Sarah Hickson, Displaced Connections

This project was self-funded by Clowns Without Borders using donations from individuals.

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