Our impact

Our work begins after natural disasters

Super-typhoon Haiyan is believed to be the strongest storm in recorded history, we started delivering Psychosocial First Aid as soon as it was safe through Plan International in The Philippines.

Sam Holdsworth

8m waves cause havoc in the Philippines

Super-typhoon Haiyan killed 6,000 people and is believed to be the strongest storm – ever – in recorded history. As the strom made landfall it created $3Bn USD damage, and caused enourmous disruption to communities. But, as soon as it was viable Clowns Without Borders began to provide Psychosocial First Aid through Plan International.

Our work in East Samar, Tacloban & Leyte

In January 2014, a group of Clowns Without Borders, USA facilitators led workshops over 6 days bringing Psychosocial First Aid to children and young people. This was made possible through Plan International and partnering with Doctors Without Borders.

The workshops focused on building resilience by learning to share stories and develop coping mechanisms.

One participant’s experience

Anna-Mai, 16 moved in with friends after her family lost everything they owned. Here, they shared food and lent them clothes to wear. After weeks of misery caused by the typhoon the workshops provided an opportunity to come together and begin healing.

I thought it would be a very long time before I laughed again, but I have. And now I feel like I’m back!

Anna Mai took part in three days of workshops along with 34 other children and young people, who could focus on recovery and hope.

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